Treasure Coast Paralegal Services -
 Services for Florida estates include, but are    not limited to, the following duties:
• Reviewing attorney’s notes from initial client interview and/or meeting directly with client for initial interview; review will provisions and report to attorney
• Prepare Petition for Administration and additional initial pleadings to open estate
• Keep track of all due dates for assigned estates
• Arrange publication of Notice to Creditors pursuant to Florida Statute
• Serve Notice of Administration upon beneficiaries and Notice to Creditors upon all "reasonably ascertainable creditors" as required by Florida law
• Assist client with all aspects of collecting asset information, closing  accounts, etc.
• Marshal all assets of the Decedent
• Obtain federal tax identification number for estates and/or trusts
• Draft letters to beneficiaries, creditors, life insurance companies, banks, investment companies, etc.
Determine date of death valuations of decedent's assets
• Meet with appraiser to appraise decedent's assets
Assist beneficiaries in obtaining proceeds payable under life insurance policies; obtain IRS Forms 712 from life insurance companies
• Prepare Affidavit of Domicile, Form W-9 and other documents relative to stock transfers
• Assist with transfer of motor vehicle titles
• Assist with ancillary administration in other states where necessary
• Prepare draft of inventory for attorney review
• Draft Petition to Determine Homestead, Petition to Determine Exempt Property and Petition for Family Allowance when necessary
• Prepare list of creditor claims and provide copies of same to clients for review and determination of validity; draft objections to claims, as necessary
• Assist with gathering of information for preparation of Decedent's final tax returns and Estate Tax Returns (Federal and State); work with accountant to in preparation of required tax returns
• Draft Personal Representative's Deed transferring real property to beneficiaries
• Maintain and track estate checking account income and disbursements
• Draft Final Accounting or Full Waivers in lieu of accounting upon completion of administration
• Prepare and file all closing pleadings necessary to close estate
• Prepare Certificate of Trust, Acceptance of Trust and Trustee’s Inventory for testamentary trusts
• Prepare all other probate/administration pleadings, as necessary for proper administration 
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